Resealable Bags

Resealable plastic bags are made with low density plastic (LDPE) for perfect clarity and very smooth feel. The plain poly bag has a press seal closure, made from two pieces of interlocking plastic, at or near the top of the bag. They are used in many industries including the display or storage of products, especially large quantities of small items which need to be accessed repeatedly, such as machinery parts or beads.

We can supply resealable bags in a number of sizes and thicknesses. Our press seal closure is of the highest quality and it can even carry liquids without spillage! The following table details the resealable bags currently available, although we can source to your individual requirements.

ZL-01 50X75+10 50 20
ZL-02 75X100+12 50 16
ZL-03 90X150+15 50 12
ZL-04 100X125+12 50 12
ZL-05 100X180+18 50 6
ZL-06 150X230+20 50 4
ZL-07 200X300+20 50 2
ZL-08 75x125+10 50 10
ZL-09 100x150+15 50 8
ZL-10 125x200+18 50 4
ZL-11 150x225+20 50 4
ZL-12 100X175+18 50 6
ZL-13 205X250+20 50 2
ZL-14 225X305+20 50 2
ZL-15 300X800+20 50 1


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